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(403) 375-4611 #1134 - 12 Royal Vista Way NW · Calgary · Alberta · T3R 0N2


Cat Room Decree

If you are visiting with our Cats, we ensure the experience is positive for all. This means following a short list of rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

1. CLEANLINESS: Before entering our cat area, we require our customers to read and strictly adhere to our rules, which are posted by the entrance of the cat room. These include proper handwashing and handling of our cats.

2. RESPECT: To ensure respectable behaviour, we have increased staff presence in the cat room during our busy times and large group visits. Visitors are required to fill out waiver forms prior to each visit.

3. ADMITTANCE: We do not charge an admission fee for cat room visit, but we do require a minimum $5 purchase per customer towards food or drinks for entry. Currently, we limit each visit to 30 minutes.

4. NO FOOD OR DRINKS: We also do not allow our customers to bring in drinks and food into the area to reduce potential harm to our cats. Waiver forms are be provided for signing before entry.

5. KITTY-BREAKS: Our cat room is opened daily, except during their nap time. During their nap time from 2-3pm, visitors are not permitted. But our kitchen and purristas do not rest! Our customers are still able to enjoy our drinks and food throughout the entire day.