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(403) 375-4611 #1134 - 12 Royal Vista Way NW · Calgary · Alberta · T3R 0N2


Welcome to Cafe & Mi!

Our cosy little cat cafe is owned by a family of crazy cat lovers. The humans might be doing all the work but the true bosses are our 'cat managers'.

Cafe & Mi isn't just a place to cuddle warm little bundles of love (aka Cats) but to create a relaxing ambience for customers to de-stress and connect, as well to take people away from screen time while hanging out with our feline friends.

Never been to a cat cafe? Not sure if you are a cat person? Not a big fan of furry animals? Visit Café & Mi to spend some time with our fur babies and watch them snuggle their way in your heart and undoubtedly make you feel at home.

Cat time is best paired with snack time! Café & Mi isn't just known as a sanctuary to our customers but also a cafe snack extravaganza. We are known for our world-class waffles where we serve amazing sweet and savoury morsels to pair with our Fratello coffee. Of course, kid-friendly treats and drinks are also available. It'd our pleasure to make sure your every bite is a pleasant experience.


Our Cats:

We started out with two lovely cats with unique personalities, Mocha and Indy. Both now have retired to their fur-ever homes.

Our cats are from Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and they are all waiting to be adopted!

Want to adopt one of our kitties? Come chat with our staff to learn how!

Meet our Retired Cat Managers: 

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Meet Mocha!

Mocha was found as a stray in Red Deer, AB. Quiet and calm, he spends most of his day napping and watching Indy and other children play. Human laps are his preferred nap location and his favourite activities are watching humans read, cuddling and eating. Mocha likes warm snuggles and soft scratches behind his ears.

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Meet Indy!

Indy was found as a stray in Stettler. Young and curious, Indy likes exploring his surroundings and often makes a mess in the cat room! Naughtiness ensues while on his adventures which mostly include playing tricks on Mocha and his human friends. He loves looking out the windows and watching moving cars. To make friends with Indy all you need is a fun toy or a little snack and some energy to play.

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Cat Room Decree

If you are visiting with our Cats, we ensure the experience is positive for all. This means following a short list of rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

1. CLEANLINESS: Before entering our cat area, we require our customers to read and strictly adhere to our rules, which are posted by the entrance of the cat room. These include proper handwashing and handling of our cats.

2. RESPECT: To ensure respectable behaviour, we have increased staff presence in the cat room during our busy times and large group visits. Visitors are required to fill out waiver forms prior to each visit.

3. ADMITTANCE: We do not charge an admission fee for cat room visit, but we do require a minimum $5 purchase per customer towards food or drinks for entry. Currently, we limit each visit to 30 minutes.

4. NO FOOD OR DRINKS: We also do not allow our customers to bring in drinks and food into the area to reduce potential harm to our cats. Waiver forms are be provided for signing before entry.

5. KITTY-BREAKS: Our cat room is opened daily, except during their nap time. During their nap time from 2-3pm, visitors are not permitted. But our kitchen and purristas do not rest! Our customers are still able to enjoy our drinks and food throughout the entire day.